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Insightful New Review of “Tainted Dreams” from TV Source Magazine

Tainted Dreams has everything one would want in an online soap or any soap for that matter. The sudsy webseries is full of sex, scandal, mystery, and intrigue. The brainchild of Emmy-winning producer/director Sonia Blangiardo is all about the sexy outlandish happenings behind the cameras of the fictional New York soap Painted Dreams.

Not only does it include some of the genre’s favorite actors but it provides its audience with a nice tongue in cheek peek at what it may or may not be like on the set of a soap opera.  The concept of a soap about a soap works because of the knowledgeable writing and acting. Blangiardo’s creation doesn’t over indulge in pretense. While there are several nods to the real soap industry, Blangiardo clearly understands that the soap fans are her target audience.

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TV Guide Magazine: First Look: An All-Star Soap Cast Shines in Tainted Dreams

Kelley Hensey and Walt Willey

Kelley Hensley and Walt Willey

Exclusive first look at our first three episodes – now available at TV Guide Magazine.  Michael Logan writes…

“The wait is over! TV Guide Magazine has an exclusive look at the first three episodes of Tainted Dreams, the much-anticipated, soap-within-a-soap webseries from Emmy-winning producer/director Sonia Blangiardo (All My Children, One Life to Live) that boasts more stars than there are in the heavens.[…]”

[watch first episodes and read full article on TV Guide online]


The New York Times’ CALL ME ADAM on Location Video Interview of Terri Ivens

NEW VIDEO interview of Terri Ivens on location shooting Tainted Dreams with The New York Times’ CALL ME ADAM, Adam Rothenberg! 

Terri Ivens’ MediaNiteRadio LIVE from NY Interview about Tainted Dreams is Best on BlogTalk!

On Friday, August 9, 2013, former All My Children and current Tainted Dreams star Terri Ivens did an interview with Media Nite Radio from her make up chair on the Tainted Dreams set between takes. Her interview is one of the staff picks on BlogTalkRadio as Best on BlogTalk! Check out LIVE from NY Interview with Terri Ivens-Tainted Dreams to hear about Terri’s character on Tainted Dreams (and her character’s character on the soap-in-a-soap Painted Dreams).

All My Children, Bobbie Eakes, On Air with Tony Sweet, Tainted Dreams, Terri Ivens, Walt Willey

Former All My Children stars and current Tainted Dreams co-stars Walt Willey, Bobbie Eakes and Terri Ivens were interviewed by Tony Sweet about their new roles on Tainted Dreams on August 7, 2013. Listen to the podcast at http://www.onairwithtonysweet.com/about.html.



We Love Soaps TV Interviews Tainted Dreams Stars on the Set

Roger Newcomb of We Love Soaps TV interviewed Tainted Dreams stars Terri IvensAustin PeckMarnie Schulenburg and Colleen Zenk while shooting the soap-in-a-soap on location at Blondies Sports Bar in New York City. Check out these individual video interviews by clicking on the actors’ names and listen as they talk about their characters and what it’s like to be part of Tainted Dreams!

Terri Ivens to Discuss “Tainted Dreams” on MomsThoughts™ Show on BlogTalk Radio



Terri Ivens will join Anne Cahalane on MomsThoughts Show on BlogTalk Radio  to discuss her new role on Tainted Dreams. Don’t miss this interview on Wednesday, July 17, 2013 at 1:00 pm EDT!

Michael Fairman Weighs in on Terri Ivens Joining “Tainted Dreams”

Read Michael Fairman’s On Air On Soaps article here:  Terri Ivens Joins The Cast of Tainted Dreams!

MomsThoughts Dishes on “Tainted Dreams'” Stars Alicia Minshew & Terri Ivens on Twitter

MomsThoughts dishes about Tainted Dreams’ co-stars Alicia Minshew and Terri Ivens’ hilarious exchange on Twitter and what Tainted Dreams‘ executive producer, Sonia Blangiardo has to say about it.

We Love Soaps: Terri Ivens Joins “TAINTED DREAMS”

We Love Soaps provides more insight into Terri Ivens’ new Tainted Dreams’ character, “Kassandra Bentley.” Read Terri Ivens Joins TAINTED DREAMS.