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NYC BRAND PRODUCTIONS Launches Brand New Website!

Welcome to NYCBP, a company dedicated to creating high quality original television, Internet, video and live theatrical shows.  We are pleased to bring you this all-new website, and look forward to sharing with you lots of new and exciting content in the next days and weeks to come!  Sign up for our mailing list to be among the first to know more!

At the height of the ”soap”, New York City was home to most productions in this genre. The last episode of those New York City-based productions aired on January 13, 2012.  Our name, NYC BRAND PRODUCTIONS, is a nod to those soap operas and the many talented writers, producers and actors who graced them for decades. We embrace the spirit of New York City based-television productions and pledge to continue their long tradition.

NYC BRAND PRODUCTIONS’ cinematic shows span the spectrum from scripted drama to reality. Whether produced for traditional broadcast media or for the Internet, we believe all shows should be produced with a high level of excellence. Toward that end, look for quality Internet and traditional broadcast shows from NYC BRAND PRODUCTIONS.

NYC BRAND PRODUCTIONS is excited to be bringing you our first scripted program, Tainted Dreams, packed with an all-star cast and slated to commence production in mid-2013 and C.A.W.L. to Arms, an action-packed reality show also slated for production in 2013.  In November 2012 the revival of the stage play, My Big Gay Italian Wedding, directed by NYC BRAND PRODUCTIONS founder Sonia Blangiardo, opened in New York City and continues to enjoy a strong following.

We look forward to entertaining you and invite you to join us on our journey.

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